Entry 2021_912

Iran | 2021 | 43’ | Language: Spanish | Subtitles: English

Looking for Bears

Karusid otsimas

“Looking of Bears” is an adventurous story about a young man who travels to very remote mountainous areas in northern Iran to find and recognize brown bears. He lives in these areas for six months, during which time he manages to meet a family of bears and try his luck at getting closer to them. Although he goes through many ups and downs during this period, but in the end, he succeeds not only in getting closer to the bear family but also in following their lives closely and witnessing the ups and downs of their lives.

Original title: En busca de osos


Mahdi Chalani
Mahdi Chalani
Hamed Ruhandeh
Danial Ostad Abdol Hamid
Mahdi Chalani
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Independent Producer
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