Entry 576

Bulgaria | 2021 | 39’ | Language: English German French Spanish Indonesian Bulgarian Portuguese Tamil Turkish | Subtitles: English



The spirit of a movement that sometimes reminds us of our young revolutionary self, who still believed that he/she could change the world. This green filmed documentary mirrors the global situation and the diversity of climate change related activism. 6 continents, 3 dozen filmmakers, countless activists and seasoned scientists. It is not about just one person but about many who stand up. The topic of climate activism itself as a protagonist takes us on a global journey to activists' lives and forms a dialogue within. Very personal but not private - to protect the activists' privacy, sensitive topics are woven in as a fictional part. In this film, the history of climate change related activism is highlighted. In its core spirit of a holistic approach, the project is been realized similarly to its topic of the climate activists' movement: independent, global, green.


Simona Theoharova
Lisa Muzzulini, diverse
Nico Hertel
Nico Hertel, DonFlo
Simona Theoharova
Production Company
Caravan Fantasia Ltd.
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