Entry 21-576 | Bulgaria | 2021 | 39’ | Language: English German French Spanish Indonesian Bulgarian Portuguese Tamil Turkish | Subtitles: English



The spirit of a movement that sometimes reminds us of our young revolutionary self, who still believed that he/she could change the world. This green filmed documentary mirrors the global situation and the diversity of climate change related activism. 6 continents, 3 dozen filmmakers, countless activists and seasoned scientists. It is not about just one person but about many who stand up. The topic of climate activism itself as a protagonist takes us on a global journey to activists' lives and forms a dialogue within. Very personal but not private - to protect the activists' privacy, sensitive topics are woven in as a fictional part. In this film, the history of climate change related activism is highlighted. In its core spirit of a holistic approach, the project is been realized similarly to its topic of the climate activists' movement: independent, global, green.


Simona Theoharova
Lisa Muzzulini, diverse
Nico Hertel
Nico Hertel, DonFlo
Simona Theoharova
Production Company
Caravan Fantasia Ltd.
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NGO Mondo Special Prize
The film has a truly global reach - climate activists and environmental problems are filmed on six continents and the film itself is made in collaboration of more than 30 film makers each in their locations to avoid flying of a single crew. If we could only keep that spirit of cooperation when we fight climate change! From Mondo's perspective, we also value that the film has given voice to both indigineus people as well as representatives of different generations. This is only the first episode of a five part series, we are excited to see how the story develops!

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