Entry 21-496 | Hungary | 2021 | 78’ | Language: English |

What the Trees whisper about

Millest puud sosistavad

There is a forest, undisturbed by man, where the noise of chainsaws is never heard. A forest where trees can live for hundreds of years and finally turn to soil in the same spot where they were born. They are born, they live, and they die… Silently, unnoticed, and still in eternal diversity. The millions of living organisms of the forest build upon this continuous circulation, each according to its own needs – depending on the living or the dead. Here, life and death cannot be separated. It is the dead that new life springs from and an entire bygone generation nourishes their offspring after their own demise. A forest… a community, a delicately interwoven thread of plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms. A community in which each of the elements are linked to the other and all of them serve the benefit of the Whole.

Original title: Amiről a fák suttognak


Rita Takács
Balázs Tisza
Rita Takács
Zsolt Marcell Tóth
Production Company
Filmdzsungel Studio
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