Entry 21-661 | Germany | 2021 | 52’ | Language: English |

Lost - Birds of the Countryside

Kadunud põllulinnud

Europe's fields and pastures were once a paradise for birds. Lapwings and larks provided the soundtrack for the farmers at work. But the birds are disappearing all over the continent. In Europe, the number of farmland birds has dropped by 17 percent since 1990. This loss is clearly a sign that something is wrong. In this documentary, the filmmaker Heiko De Groot shows why birds are disappearing and what consequences this could have for us humans. Last but not least, even our food security could depend on them.

Original title: Stilles Land - Vom Verschwinden der Vögel


Heiko De Groot
Heiko De Groot
Heiko De Groot
Nico Klaukien
Britta Kiesewetter
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Doclights GmbH
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