Entry 2021_151

Finland | 2021 | 51’ | Language: English Finnish | Subtitles: English

A Hundred Year Journey

Sada aastat teekonda

Lofty Katakarinja is an Arrernte Elder and Shaun Angeles a young man learning cultural knowledge from him. A hundred years ago something precious was taken from their people. They travel from Central Australia to the other side of the World, tracking part of their cultural heritage. What they encounter in Finland, an environment completely different from their own place of origin, is something very powerful. A Hundred Year Journey is based on a project by the Helinä Rautavaara Museum. It documents a rare encounter between cultural objects, the heirs of their original owners and creators, and two museums. The storyline follows the journey of these objects collected by missionary Oskar Liebler, who worked in Hermannsburg in central Australia in the early 20th century. Liebler collected approximately 2000 cultural objects from local First Nations communities, among which were the Arrernte Peoples. A part of his collection ended up in Finland.

Original title: Sadan vuoden matka


Antti Tuomas Seppänen
Antti Tuomas Seppänen
Antti Tuomas Seppänen
Kristina Tohmo
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Helinä Rautavaara Museum
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