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Germany | 2019 | 50’ | Language: English |

Accidental Wilderness - Europe's Everglades

Juhuslik paradiis - Euroopa Everglades

In the middle of Europe a mysterious, irreplaceable wilderness draws migrating birds from across the continent and beyond. Feathered guests from all over the world travel through this refuge in the West of Germany. In spring, countless rare bird species rest in the small, watery wilderness to recharge their batteries before heading to their Nordic breeding grounds. Some travel up to 7,000 kilometers. Without natural wetlands along their routes, they would hardly be able to achieve this grueling feat. But this was not always the case. Once a place where an entire city’s wastewater was deposited, this landscape has become a paradise for Europe’s birds. At a time when intensive agriculture causes nature to wither and wild meadows to become agricultural steppes, this nature reserve has become an island that offers refuge and living space for some of the most threatened animals.

Original title: Drehkreuz Rieselfelder - Vogelparadies im Herzen Europas


Christian Baumeister, Max Meis
Philipp Klein, Christian Baumeister
Christina Hackl
Christian Heschl
Petra Löttker
Production Company
Light & Shadow GmbH
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