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Germany France China | 2020 | 52’ | Language: English |

The Frozen Kingdom of the Snow Leopard

Lumeleopardi külmunud kuningriik

Set in the remote mountains of China and Tibet, this film follows the perilous existence of a female snow leopard and her two young, who are less than a year old, in a valley of stunning beauty with a dazzling diversity of wildlife. Two photographer brothers came upon this lost valley in 2016 and were amazed to find it home to a dense population of snow leopards in a relatively small territory. Their discovery led to this exceptional film about an elusive big cat that is rarely caught on camera.

Original title: Le Royaume Glacé de la Panthère des neiges


Frédéric Larrey
Frédéric Larrey
Mark Fletcher
Manuel Catteau
Production Company
ZED, CCTV9, Regard du Vivant & NDR Naturfilm/Doclights GmbH
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