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Germany | 2021 | 52’ | Language: English |

They Came to Stay - Our Alien Animal Neighbors: Coypus

Võõrad naabrid - nutriad

Coypus look like beavers with rats’ tails, but they’re South American rodents. Originally escaped from fur farms, over decades they have colonized Europe’s waterways. Here, they dig tunnels and caves in the banks and eat the vegetation. While aquatic farmers and conservationists battle against them rigorously, animal lovers in cities feed and encourage them. So how should we deal with coypus?

Original title: Freche Viecher - Nutrias


Herbert Ostwald
Erik Sick, Klaus Scheurich, Ralf Gromann, Ricardo Garzón
Vanessa Wagner
Mark Joggerst
Annette Scheurich
Production Company
Marco Polo Film AG
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