Entry 21-873 | Austria | 2021 | 76’ | Language: German Dhuka Waorani Himba Sama Badjao | Subtitles: Estonian

The Shamans´ Nightmare

Šamaanide õudusunenägu

A very personal cinematic journey to four indigenous peoples and their shamans unexpectedly turns into an exciting testimony to the struggle for survival of these unique nomad cultures, whose physical and cultural future is existentially threatened by climate change. To give these people a voice and tell about their destiny, the director Natalie Halla has travelled to the most extreme places of the world and spent time with the Waorani Indians in Ecuador, the sea nomads in Malaysia, the Himba in Namibia and the reindeer nomads in Mongolia.

Original title: Der Albtraum der Schamanen


Natalie Halla
Natalie Halla
Natalie Halla
Michael Andreas Haeringer
Natalie Halla
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Natalie Halla
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Special Mention
The jury would like to turn your attention to the very strong and thorough anthropological work of this film. The director takes us to unique indigenous peoples in different parts of the world, and introduces their lifestyle and their fight for survival as well. Through her lens, she preserves what is close to being lost. The film brings out very clearly the close connection which people have with their environment and the delicate balance between them: if the natural living environment of a group of people perishes, the people connected to it are also doomed.

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