Entry 2021_801

The Netherlands | 2021 | 52’ | Language: English | Subtitles: Estonian

The Otter, a Legend returns

Saarmas, legend tuleb tagasi

In Western Europe the otter drastically declined in numbers and even completely disappeared from The Netherlands. This was mainly due to hunting, loss of habitat, pollution and traffic collisions. But the Dutch set the example by investing in their water quality and restoring the habitat of the otter to enable its reintroduction. People now have a chance to spot the otter as it spreads through The Netherlands and even ventures into the heart of a city. Unique footage provides an insight into the life of the illusive Eurasian otter and the measures that are needed to protect this ambassador of the freshwater environment.

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Hilco Jansma
Hilco Jansma
Hilco Jansma
Audio Network & Sebastian Morawietz
Hilco Jansma
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Hilco Jansma Productions
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