Entry 2021_344

Finland | 2021 | 50’ | Language: Finnish | Subtitles: Estonian

A young Crane´s long Journey

Kurepoja pikk teekond

Documentary filmmaker Jouni Hiltunen has filmed Cranes for many years. He decides to once again follow the Crane family's summer in Finland from early spring to the birth of a Crane chick. After the nesting he packs his car and leaves on a so-called ”birds road” with migrating Cranes, towards Hungary and finally to Israel, to find out if there is a winter paradise for migrating Cranes somewhere. The film about the year of the Cranes and the migration journey expands to a story about the coexistence of a man and nature in a rapidly changing world.

Original title: Kurjenpojan pitkä matka


Jouni Hiltunen
Jouni Hiltunen
Jouni Hiltunen
Simo Helkala
Jouni Hiltunen
Production Company
Katharsis Films Oy
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