Entry 21-333 | United States | 2020 | 105’ | Language: English Italian Arabic | Subtitles: Estonian


Üle maa

"Overland" unfolds in a world increasingly driven by technology and routine, where we are losing touch with nature and our primal spirit is fading. Immersed in remote deserts, mountains, and grasslands, three extraordinary people from contrasting cultures practice the ancient art of falconry to wake their inner wild. However, in their quests to connect to the natural world, Lauren, Giovanni, and Khalifa must overcome social rejection, vanishing traditions, dwindling wilderness, elusive prey and the complicated instincts of their falcons, eagles, and hawks. The stories in Overland offer a stunning cinematic journey across four continents that twists and turns like nature itself, bridging ancient to modern, east to west, and earth to sky.


Elisabeth Haviland James, Revere La Noue
Benjamin Pritchard
Elisabeth Haviland James, Revere La Noue
Hugo de Chaire
Elisabeth Haviland James, Revere La Noue
Production Company
The Falconbridge Collection
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Best Cinematography
This film walks simultaneously on the borders of many different spheres of being: historical and modern, sky and earth, animals and people, our deep inner needs and instincts versus invasion from the outside. The camera work supports the story with sensitivity and great empathy, depicting the relationship between man and bird in a very complex way, as well as the environment and the mental and physical world in which the action takes place.

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