Entry 2021_909

Austria | 2020 | 50’ | Language: English | Subtitles: Estonian

What a colorful World

Milline värvikas maailm

‘What a Colorful World’ takes the viewer on a journey around the globe to discover a host of colourful creatures that make our world such a spectacularly diverse place. Seen from space, Earth may appear mainly green and blue, but a closer look reveals the true abundance of hues and shades caused by light refraction. From giant humpback whales to tiny dancing spiders, from pink flamingos to blue-footed boobies, from strange-looking mandrills to frantic fiddler crabs – we explore what makes our globe such a kaleidoscope of color.


Writer or Researcher
Petra Lederhilger
James Aldred, Ralph Bower, Mark Carroll, Rudolf Diesel, Cristian Dimitrius, Max Dreihann-Holenia, Kevin Flay, Ann Johnson Prum, Mike Potts, Mark Romanov, Rick Rosenthal, Paul Stewart
Christian Stoppacher
Barnaby Taylor
Petra Lederhilger
Production Company
Terra Mater Factual Studios
Contact of presenter / Director

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