Entry 2021_216

Germany | 2020 | 48’ | Language: English | Subtitles: Estonian

Nature´s Nurseries


Mammals, fish, insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians and even plants, they all share the same goal in life – to reproduce successfully. All of the species of this planet have developed their own special strategy to raise their offspring. In addition to the astounding and fascinating strategies in nature, the viewer gains a fundamental insight: It doesn´t matter whether a species has only one or a few or even a thousand „kids“: At the end of the life of the parent-animals, on average only two specimens of the offspring remain. If there are fewer, the species dies out. If there are more, the result is overpopulation.

Original title: Wilde Tierkinder
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Jan Haft
Jan Haft, Kay Ziesenhenne
Jan Haft
Jörg Magnus Pfeil, Siggi Mueller
Melanie Haft
Production Company
Nautilusfilm GmbH
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