Entry 2021_901

Austria | 2019 | 50’ | Language: English | Subtitles: Estonian

Santa´s wild Home

Jõuluvana metsik kodu

Snow blankets the trees and green lights dance in a star-filled sky. During the festive season, our thoughts turn to a distant winter wonderland, far to the north. It’s a place best known to outsiders as Lapland, the magical home of Santa Claus. But far from the festive lights, Santa’s home is even more enchanting than you may realize. It is an ever-changing wilderness, filled with extraordinary wild creatures. During the long, dark winter, musk ox stand sentinel in the biting wind, golden eagles fight over prey and great grey owls roam huge distances through the frozen forest. When summer arrives, the sun never sets as reindeer migrate north, owls race to breed and bears and wolves fight over food. This beautiful, lyrical portrayal of Santa’s wild home makes for ideal festive viewing and will leaving you wondering whether a place so magical truly exists.


Matt Hamilton
Matt Hamilton, Graham Horder, Tom Beldam, Jan Helmer Olsen
Tim Coope
Al Lethbridge
Martin Mészáros, Sabine Holzer
Production Company
Terra Mater Factual Studios
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