Building a traditional hay stack on the flooded meadow near Kelu

12:00 - 15:00
Kelu village

An attempt to build a traditional haystack on the flooded meadow in Kelu village and revive a historical skill. The event is in Estonian, but everyone is welcome to join – a translation can be arranged on spot, if needed.

12.00 Overview of the history of haymaking on the flooded meadows around river Kasari 
12.30 The unique aspects of haystacks used in the Matsalu area
13.00-15.00 Building of the haystack, guided by Arvo Sits jand Allan Jürgens, filmed by Joosep Matjus.

Information, pre-registration and help with getting there: Krista Kallavus (, +3725226139)

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Lihula Gümnaasium · Lihula Raamatukogu · Lääneranna Noortekeskus